Introduction to micro:bit Coding

Learn about the BBC micro:bot microcontroller and explore how to using Coding to control inputs ad outputs.

In this class you will learn how to use Visual Block Coding and code the BBC micro:bit. You will also learn about the relationship between Inputs and Outputs, discover how branching (if else statements) works and then create your own code to solve problems.

Notes to teachers

This class has multiple lessons or sections. Students are given self-paced challenges and tasks to do in-between the Teacher presentations.

Computer / Tablet requirements:

For this class you will require a Laptop or Desktop PC, Mac, or Chrome books. You will need access to the Google Chrome Browser. Some tablets such as iPad may work well also.

Your Educator

Michael Holmstrom
Michael Holmstrom
In the past 15 years, Michael has transformed ideas into global businesses and endured the journey of the startup through great failures and awesome successes. His combined passion for education and STEM was the foundation for STEM Punks, a global leader in STEM Education. Through STEM Punks, a passionate team of educators inspire a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

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- Tony Vallance, Australian Teacher of the Year

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