Reef Explorer - TinkerCAD and Design Thinking. 8+ Student Class

Learn about how to problem solve for reefs with Design Thinking, 3D Design, TinkerCAD and Prototyping

In this program, the students will learn about the reef, current threats to the reef as well as new technology used to help the Reef. Students will apply STEM skills in Design Thinking, Prototyping, 3D Designing and create their own unique solutions to improve marine habitats.

Age suitability:

This class is suitable for students in Grade 3 or up (Age 8+).

Notes to teachers, parents and supervisors:

This class has multiple lessons or sections. Students are given self-paced challenges and tasks to do in-between the Teacher presentations. Students can add comments to ask questions and seek help.

You have unlimited access to this class for 30 days - across any and all devices you own.

  • Teachers: Contact STEM Punks about 1 year terms (School students check with your teacher if you need longer)

Computer / Tablet requirements:

For this class you will require a Laptop or Desktop PC, Mac or some Chromebooks. You will need access to the Google Chrome Browser. Some tablets such as iPad may work well also.

Your Educator

Ella McPhee
Ella McPhee
I am an energetic and motivated Teacher with a passion for science that I love to pass onto students. I believe that science education should be available to everyone and is essential for a successful future society, even if students don’t follow a traditional STEM career path.

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